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7 Reasons to Have a Private Tour in Iceland

Planning your trip to Iceland? Do you feel overwhelmed with endless options on tours that you are dying to try out for yourself but you won't have the time to do everything you want to see in…

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Rover of the Month: Jodee Goes Full Custom!

This month's Rover of the Month tells the story of Jadee, who came to Iceland and needed a custom itinerary filled with all sorts af wonderful things, like horse rides, hot springs and epic mountain…

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The Evolution of Icelandic Food Culture: From a Lack of Colour to a Whole Rainbow

For centuries, life in Iceland has been a constant struggle. Large tracts of the countryside have very little fertility and support very little arable farming. The winters are long and dark. When the short summer comes around, work takes on a feverish place, to make the necessary preparations for winter. Time was of such an essence, that Icelanders would even knit their socks and show inserts while they were walking out to their fields.…

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7 Reason why Iceland is the Photographer's Paradise

You may have seen a lot of remarkable photos come out of Iceland. Of course, with the right amount of planning, it is possible to take incredible photos almost anywhere. And yet, there remains something special about Iceland; what is it exactly that makes Iceland such a special place to photograph?…

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A Brief History of the Hidden People of Iceland

Sometimes referred to as elves “Álfar” or Hidden People “Huldufólk”, Iceland has a long-standing relationship with elves. The history of the country is decorated with elves living under certain rocks, or certain places carrying a special spiritual or ethereal presence.…

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Rovers of the Month: Dan and Christina Honeymoon!

After hearing so much about Iceland, Dan Jones and Christina Wiens came to see what all the fuss was about. And what better time to visit than your honeymoon? They frolicked between the tectonic plates and stood on top of a glacier! Here, they tell us more about their trip with us.…

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Halldór Laxness: Iceland's Nobel Laureate

They say that iceland has the highest number of Nobel Laureates per capita in the world, which is true. That’s enough for a little country like Iceland, with a population of only 330,000. Per capita is the key word here, and the number of Nobel laureates amounts to exactly 1.…

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Iceland's Independence Day

Iceland wasn’t always independent, and the march towards independence culminated on June 17th 1944, a great day of celebration in Iceland. This week, we are covering some of the events that led to Icelandic independence, and if you are lucky enough to be here on this day and around this wonderful summery time, then you are in for a treat!…

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7 Weird Things about the Icelanders

Every country, culture and it’s people have quirks, and Iceland is no different. It all feels very normal to them, as you would expect. However, to outside eyes you might notice some strange things about Iceland. These are our top 7.…

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When and Where to see Whales in Iceland

It’s peaceful, calm and then suddenly very exciting. A burst of water, a breath. A fluke (tail) rises from the water, then descends gently back down again. The gentle giant dives. Whale watching in Iceland is great. It’s really special experience to head out to see a whale move greacefully through gentle fjord waters or out across a bay, relatively close to the shore. It turns out tha…

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