Tailor Made Tours

Tailor made tours – the perfect match to your needs

Our tour collection includes a selection of itineraries that can be tailor made to accommodate individual wishes and interests. We can adapt the program to your style of travel. Set a slower tempo for the laid back wanderer or put you on a fast track to see and do as much as possible in the time you have. You can also just tell us what you want to see and do and we will make it happen. For your adventure we will find the right balance to create the perfect tour for your family or group of friends

Private Tours

Looking for something special for your travel? Whenever you plan to visit we will help you design a tour that fits your interests, and how you wish to experience Iceland.

  • Travel in comfort

    All of the services we use in tailor making your perfect tour are carefully selected by our team. If you want to travel in comfort we will choose for you only the most comfortable hotels and transportation.

  • Wilderness adventures

    The highlands of Iceland is an area and a place of incredible landscapes. Staying in a hut or camping in the highlands in summer is quite unique. Ask us about spending a night in a tent on top of a glacier in the highlands in winter.

  • Family friendly

    Travelling with your family? We’ll find just the right balance of family friendly activities and experiences with beautiful nature, animals and history to make your holiday interesting and fun for the whole family. The distances travelled can be adapted and the itinerary designed to be flexible.

Self Guided Tours

On an organized self guided tour you enjoy the independence and flexibility that comes with travelling on your own all at the same time as you enjoy the benefits of a prepared package planned by our travel experts. You choose the type of tour and the formula that fits your budget and we take care of the rest! With a planned itinerary, detailed road book and maps you are ready to enjoy your holiday without worries.

Iceland Rovers Incentives

If you are looking for fresh ideas and the perfection that comes from years of experience and variety of action and luxury in the same trip Iceland Rovers is the Destination Management Company for you. Our incentive team is a group of highly qualified professionals with years of experience in the field that will custom design an exclusive program for your group. Our distinction comes through a focus on the unique features of Icelandic nature, traditions and environment. The small Iceland Rovers details will ensure memorable moments and an authentic Iceland experience.

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