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Our environmental policy is reviewed regularly to ensure that it´s implemented into all levels of our operations. Iceland Rovers has adopted the World Wildlife Fund conservation plan, concerning ecological tourism in the Arctic. A part of our philosophy is to support local NGOs and to take an active part in discussion about the development of wilderness and open spaces. We take the nature’s side against ideas of heavy industry or new highway projects in unspoiled areas. We pride ourselves in being a company that emphasizes cooperation, sustainability and safety

In nature we lead by an example:

  • Energy - Although Icelandic energy is relatively green and sustainable, we aim to reduce our electricity consumption in all office premises.
  • Transport - To minimize our use of fossil fuels we choose to use fuel efficient minibuses or Super Jeeps that have a low fuel consuption per passenger seat like Land Rover Defenders. Office staff in Reykjavík is encouraged to use more environmental ways of transportation, and those who do are offered a monthly allocation.
  • Purchases - For all purchases suppliers are subjected to environmental as well as cost-benefit examination.
  • Promotion - We will continue to advocate environmental awareness on all available platforms.

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