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About us

A Legacy of Innovation, Passion & Professionalism

Over the last 20 years we have used our expert knowledge, passion for nature and pioneering spirit to create innovative activities in Iceland for travelers.

The 6th of January in 1996, the last day of Christmas in Iceland, was a fateful day for what will later become Iceland Rovers. At Sveinatunga Farm a chat between Villa, Bassi, Einar Torfi and Ingibjörg sparked the idea for the company. Later that month, Iceland Rovers was born and the idea was to focus on providing Incentive tours in comfy, modified Land Rover Defenders (also called Super Jeeps in Iceland). We were the first company in the travel industry to use modified Defenders. Because the concept was so new, we had to bring in an expert mechanic, Snorri, and an electrician, Ingimundur, to make proper adjustments to the cars.  

January proved to be a month of growth for the company because Laufey, Árni, Sigrún and Niels joined the team, along with Snorri and Ingimundur. Defenders are quite costly to buy in Iceland, so the team approached B&L car dealership with a clever idea. For a discount on Defenders, they offered to help promote the concept of using a modified Defender as a vehicle for taking travelers on tours in Iceland. With 6 new Defenders and extra parts, the team got to work on making the modifications. As summer inched closer, Iceland Rovers gained sponsorship from companies like B&L, Bræðurnir Ormsson, Aukaraf and others in exchange for advertising. In June of 1996, the first modified Land Rover Defender was ready. Iceland Rovers became a registered travel agency that fall and Ingibjörg was the first official employee. The headquarters shared a space with Icelandic Mountain Guides, Bátafólkið and Langjökull. Iceland Rovers ran promotional trips throughout the fall in the new Defenders.

Adventurous, fun and safe tours were our aim, and we were successful in incorporating playful team exercises and challenges inside and outside of the Defenders.

Throughout the years, our most common tours were incentive trips to Landmannalaugar, Þórsmörk, and the mountains around Reykjavík.

We opened up new avendures for travelers, like lava cave tours, hunting for the Northern Lights & lobster tours, sleeping in snow houses, abseiling, snow gliding with style, become a viking for a day and team building games.

After more than a decade of collaborating with Icelandic Mountain Guides on different projects and operating in similar areas, the companies merged in 2007. During the last 10 years, Iceland Rovers has evolved from a Land Rover Defender (Super Jeep) company to an expert in comfort travel, no matter the vehicle. Super Jeeps are still a part of our legacy and we offer those types of tours, but our wider selection allows for us to meet the needs of travelers who seek to venture beyond the beaten path. Our goal is to MAKE EVERY MOMENT AN EXPERIENCE that will lasts a lifetime.

Iceland Rovers is also the sister-company of Icelandic Mountain Guides, an Iceland tour company that specializes in hiking tours, glacier tours, backpacking and trekking tours, ice climbing & mountain climbing.

The Iceland Rovers team is a highly select group of specialists. We pride ourselves for not only providing a fun, adventurous and diverse Iceland tour experience but also a safe one. You are in good hands with Iceland Rovers.

Our services

Iceland Rovers is an adventure tour operator that offers a selection of tours and travel options to Iceland. We offer active adventures that allow you to discover all of Iceland’s natural highlights, its history and culture for a unique experience.

List of our services

Adventure group tours - soft adventures, cultural experience or highland touring
Iceland Rovers offers a great selection of guided multi day adventures. These tours focus on what distinguishes Iceland in each season. Sometimes it is the culture, other times it is the history, but at all times it is the magical nature that this great country possesses. The style of the tours ranges from comfortable discovery tours with hotel accommodations, to being adventurous and authentic when we head into the highlands. Daily hikes or other activities are always a part of the itinerary.

Theme tours and special interest adventures
The Iceland Rovers theme tours focus on the special interests of the traveler while upholding the same unique style of travel we offer in our other group tours. Examples of theme-based tours are photography tours, Icelandic cuisine and knitting tours, where the strong heritage of knitting is explored as we knit our way through the Icelandic nature.

Travel packages - self - drive tours
Make your life easier and let us help plan your whole Iceland adventure, including your accommodation, car rentals and day to day iteneraries. This way you can experience Iceland on your own, but still enjoy the comfort of having a full travel package and a road book created by Iceland Rovers.

Tailor made - Freedom and flexibility
Our tour collection includes a selection of itineraries that can be tailor made to accommodate individual wishes and interests, or you can simply just tell us what you want to see and do. We can adapt the programs to your style of travel. Keep a slower tempo for the laid back wanderer, or we can put you on a fast track to see and do as much as possible within your timeframe. For your adventure we will find the right balance to create the perfect tour for you and your family, your group of friends, or both!

Iceland Rovers specializes in cultural and recreational adventure tourism in Iceland offering a wide choice of activities, teambuilding and customized holidays for groups and individual.

Super Jeep day tours
Iceland Rovers also runs a selection of Super Jeep day tours out of Reykjavík. On these tours we explore Iceland’s great natural beauty in small groups and travel off the beaten track while visiting some of Iceland’s highlight locations.

Super Jeep day tours
Iceland Rovers also runs a selection of Super Jeep day tours out of Reykjavík. On these tours we explore Iceland’s great natural beauty in small groups and travel off the beaten track while visiting some of Iceland’s highlight locations.


To create a complete experience every ingredient of your adventure has to be carefully selected to fit each tour. Here are our reflections on the essential elements of your adventure.

List of our ingredients

Each accommodation you stay at is an important part of your travel experience. For all Iceland Rovers tours we choose the best options available for each destination as well as for each type of adventure we offer. We look at location, authentic experience and local partners. The result may be a rustic highland hut or a luxurious country hotel, or even a tent out on a bed of snow in winter. Whatever that will make your experience in Iceland a unique one.

The Iceland Rovers team of guides are experienced professionals and travel enthusiasts that share a passion for the Icelandic nature. Our guides are ready to share their knowledge and experience on everything from the Icelandic nature and its geology to history and culture.

Local food and traditional tastes
Local food always plays a big part of travelling in Iceland. With homegrown vegetable, local dairy products, fresh fish even and free roaming lambs makes sure that the ingredients used are always up to the highest modern day standards. Sometimes we visit local farms for a fresh taste of the season. Then there are traditions that have stuck through the ages with exotic items such as fermented shark, blackened sheep heads, dried fish and black death liquor, a little taste of these make for an authentic cultural food experience.

The small group experience allows for more flexibility and comfort when it comes to transportation. Our tours have never more than 16 passengers, often between 8-12 persons so small vans allow us to transport our groups in comfort on or off the beaten track. Super jeep tours have maximum 5-7 persons in a super jeep. This way of travel gives you a better access to hidden gems in the nature for a real authentic experience. Travelling with your group of family or friends we can tailor make your adventure and type of transport, depending on what you want to see and do.

Stórhöfði 33
110 Reykjavik, Iceland
Telephone: +354 587 9999
e-mail: [email protected]

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