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If you are looking for fresh ideas, expert attention to detail, variety of action and luxury in the same trip, Iceland Rovers is the Destination Management Company for you. Our incentive team is a group of highly qualified professionals with years of experience in designing exclusive programs for groups. Our focus on the unique features of Icelandic nature, traditions and environment will ensure memorable moments and an authentic Icelandic experience.

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on the top of a glacier or climbing up a volcano. Or perhaps you would rather venture into a world of mystery on a caving tour or even spend the night on a field of snow where the vista is white as far as the eye can see? And at the end of your day you can dine and relax out in nature or at a quality restaurant. In Iceland, you have a unique opportunity to mix luxury with raw nature in the same trip. Our specialty lies in making an incentive program that is inspired by your dreams. Whatever you imagine - we can take you there!

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