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A Brief History of the Hidden People of Iceland

Sometimes referred to as elves “Álfar” or Hidden People “Huldufólk”, Iceland has a long-standing relationship with elves. The history of the country is decorated with elves living under certain rocks, or certain places carrying a special spiritual or ethereal presence.…

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East Iceland Nature and Highlights

When it comes to visiting Iceland, Iceland’s south coast seems to take the largest chunk of the pie: the West is next, and then the North perhaps. What about East Iceland? It’s the furthest away from the capitol, the direct opposite end and hardest to access part of the country (unless you land by boat from the ferry from Denmark, which stops in Seyðisfjörður) and takes the longest to reach.…

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Mythical Beings of Iceland

They may be real, they may not be. Some people claim to have seen them, some people claim to have never. The mythical beings of Iceland emerge as legends from a landscape that has historically been very unforgiving, where nothing less than constant work was necessary in order to survive. The tales of trolls, elves, ghosts and other monsters exist most likely as a way to explain the harsh elements, and give them some meaning.…

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