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Iceland Multi Day Tours

Iceland Rovers is Iceland’s premiere adventure tour company. Since 1997, we have served thousands of happy customers and helped them to explore the natural and unspoiled beauty of Iceland. We offer a variety of exciting multi-day tours all year round.  Enjoy what we call Comfortable Adventure on all our overnight tours which includes small groups, transportation, accommodation, excellent local & traditional foods and friendly, knowledgeable guides that will inform you about culture, history, nature and more!

Iceland Rovers offers the following multi-day adventure tours categories:

4x4 Super Jeep Tours

Summer Tour

Remote Highlands - ILR64

This 3 day tour takes us on some of the most remote mountain tracks of the Icelandic highlands.

View Tour Price from: 155.000 ISK
Summer Tour

Highlands and Hot Springs - ILR60

An easy but active and fun tour that lets you experience the highlights and hot spots of Iceland!

View Tour Price from: 375.000 ISK
Winter Tour

Nature and Northern Lights - ILR41

Comfortable super jeep tour that takes you to a maximum of different landscape types and places possible in only 4 days.!

View Tour Price from: 202.500 ISK
Winter Tour

Winter Highlights - ILR54

Iceland Winter Touring 4x4 Adventure. 5 days.

View Tour Price from: 245.000 ISK
Summer Tour

Across the Rift - ILR62

On this 7 day tour we go through the middle of Iceland following the rift line that splits the country in two.

View Tour Price from: TBA ISK
Winter Tour

Ultimate Adventure Tour - ILR50

Super Jeep Expedition to the Great Vatnajökull Glacier

View Tour Price from: 679.000 ISK

Iceland Adventure Tours

Summer Tour

Cultural Taste of Iceland - ILR30

During our travels on this 6 day tour we will visit different areas of Iceland and on the way fulfill our culinary passions and see some amazing landscapes and historic places

View Tour Price from: 355.000 ISK
Summer Tour

West Iceland Wonders - ILR38

This 5 day tour will take you to west Iceland, which is known for its diversity in natural attractions and wildlife, and is the background to many of the famous Icelandic Sagas.

View Tour Price from: 295.000 ISK
Summer Tour

Kingdom of Volcanoes and Glaciers - ILR33

Discovery of the Most Beautiful Landscape of South and South-East Iceland. 5 days.

View Tour Price from: 229.900 ISK
Winter Tour

Kingdom of Glaciers and Northern Lights - ILR33W

This is the winter variant of this outstanding 5 day adventure tour to that takes you to the one of Iceland’s most attractive areas the south and the south east.

View Tour Price from: 192.000 ISK

Boat Tours

Summer Tour

Breiðafjörður Sailing Tour - AS30

5 day boat tour in Iceland exploring the fjord Breiðafjörður and it's natural paradise by boat. Highlights include the fisherman´s village Stykkishólmur, the beautiful islands Flatey and Dímonarklakkar and many more!

View Tour Price from: 232.500 ISK
Summer Tour

Sailing in Scoresby Sound - NS75

An 8 day sailing tour on Scoresby Sound in Greenland in a schooner. Sail around this great fjord system to enjoy nature and wildlife in a unique way. An adventure of a lifetime!

View Tour Price from: 670.400 ISK

Knitting Tours

Winter Tour

Knitting on ice - IMGK07

This 6 day long knitting tour is a magical combination of Icelandic knitting, enigmatic nature and delicate autumn colours. It takes us on a glacier walk at Sólheimajökull Glacier, which gives us the opportunity to knit on the ice!

View Tour Price from: 220.000 ISK
Summer Tour

Knitting and Hiking between Fire and Ice - IMGK05

This adventurous and sporty tour is a combination of hiking and knitting.

View Tour Price from: 199.000 ISK
Summer Tour

Knitting and Hiking under the Midnight Sun - IMGK04

This 6-day tour takes you to the incredible mountain range of Tröllaskagi – the peninsula of the Trolls – in the North of Iceland.

View Tour Price from: 249.000 ISK
Summer Tour

Hiking and knitting with the Elves - IMGK03

This enchanting tour is taking us to the hidden treasure of the East of Iceland, mostly populated by elves.

View Tour Price from: 320.000 ISK
Spring Tour

Spring Knitting Retreat - IMGK02

A Comfortable 6 day Knitting holiday during the Lambing and Bird watching Season!

View Tour Price from: 275.000 ISK

Photo Tours

Summer Tour

Glaciers, Lagoons and Waterfalls - IMGPH03

Iceland is a paradise for any Photographer. In winter it is a magical place where the sun does not rise high above the horizon resulting in a very special kind of lighting conditions for photographing.

View Tour Price from: 215.000 ISK

Short Breaks

Winter Tour

Landmannalaugar and Golden Circle - ILR20

Landmannalaugar week-end in winter. 2 day highland adventure with an overnight stay in a mountain hut.

View Tour Price from: 115.900 ISK
Winter Tour

Geysers, Glaciers and Northern Lights - ILR21

The perfect two day tour out of Reykjavík with just the right mix of activity and comfort. Hotel accommodation.

View Tour Price from: 116.500 ISK
Winter Tour

Gullfoss, Geysir and Glacier Lagoon - ILR513

This is a three day south coast adventure where you will see all the highlights of the south coast of Iceland all the way to Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon.

View Tour Price from: 119.000 ISK
Winter Tour

West Iceland Winter Break - ILR35

This is a 3 day winter short break that shows you a side of Iceland known to only a few!

View Tour Price from: 99.900 ISK

Iceland's Most Awarded Adventure Tour Company

2012 Conch Environmental Award - For being a leading company in nature friendly tourism in Iceland.

Outside Travel Awards 2013 For best active Greenland Tour 2013

Icelandic Travel Industry Association’s Innovation Award - For the innovation and development of Glacier Walks

Icelandic Travel Industry Association’s annual Education Award - For the education and continuous training we provide for our guides

Icelandic Tourist Board’s Environmental Award - For our environmental policy and awareness

Icelandair Pioneer Award - For designing and developing Glacier Walks

Outside Travel Awards 2014 For best polar trip 2014

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