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Iceland Rovers is Iceland’s premiere adventure tour company. Since 1997, we have served thousands of happy customers and helped them explore the natural and unspoiled beauty of Iceland. We offer a wide variety of exciting adventure day tours, overnight tours and corporate incentive travel packages, all from our headquarters in Reykjavik.




Monika moved to Iceland in 1995 seeking adventure and only planned to stay for six months. Her passion for nature and interacting with people led her to pursue a degree in Tourism at the University of Iceland. She is a licensed guide that enjoys tackling challenges and appreciating whatever life has to offer. Autumn is her favorite time of the year and she is up for trying new things.

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Project Manager

Guðný has been working in the travel industry since 2008, specializing in high-end clients. It all began in Barcelona, where she lived for 15 years and studied photography. She is fluent in Spanish, Catalan, English and Icelandic.

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Project Manager

Svanlaug loves to travel around Iceland and discover new places. Spring and summer are her favorite seasons because walking in the bright evenings give her energy and makes her happy. She has been working in tourism since 2010 and she enjoys preparing dream vacations for our customers. Her favorite drink is coffee and she has a very hard time saying no to a good piece of chocolate.

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Tour Operation

Saga is part of the awesome Iceland Rovers team and is in charge of operations. Before she was a part of Iceland Rovers, she worked with Icelandic Mountain Guides in the finance department. She has been working with the company since 2015 and received degrees in English and Tourism from University of Iceland in 2016. She recently started guiding school at Menntaskóli Kópavogur.

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Tour Operation

Sævar started with team Iceland Rovers in November 2016. He is an avid outdoors person and a battle tested ex-footballer. He´s an team player and among many of his hobbies are trekking, mountainbiking, sports and running his own Michelin experimental kitchen.

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Tour Operation

Silja joined the Iceland Rovers' team because of her love of travel, both in Iceland and around the world. Whether she is traveling in a city or exploring the wonders of nature, she finds that taking walks and immersing herself in new cultures are some of her favourite activities. She is a self-described gastronome, and she loves to taste gourmet food from different cultures, as well as experiment with recipes in her kitchen. Silja also has a deep appreciation for beautiful things, and is interested in the intricacies of human nature and the meaning of life. Her degree in tourism, discerning taste and passion for her job make her a perfect fit for the Iceland Rovers team.

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Tour Operation

Heiðrún started working in the travel industry because no two days are ever the same. She enjoys skiing with friends, eating yummy food and having a good life by not taking herself too seriously.

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Tour Operation

In May of 2016 Dagný started as summer staff for Iceland Rovers in the operations department, and will continue to be with the company until December 2016. Her hobbies include sports, traveling and being surrounded by good company. She is fluent in Icelandic, English and Danish.


Iceland Rovers is also the sister-company of Icelandic Mountain Guides, an Iceland tour company that specializes in hiking tours, glacier tours, backpacking and trekking tours, ice climbing & mountain climbing.

The Iceland Rovers team is a highly select group of specialists. We pride ourselves for not only providing a fun, adventurous and diverse Iceland tour experience but also a safe one. You are in good hands with Iceland Rovers.

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Iceland Rovers is an adventure tour operator that offers a selection of tours and travel options to Iceland. We offer active adventures that allow you to discover all of Iceland’s natural highlights, its history and culture for a unique experience.

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To create a complete experience every ingredient of your adventure has to be carefully selected to fit each tour. Here are our reflections on the essential elements of your adventure.

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