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Iceland Rovers offers experienced, knowledgeable guides for private tours and private guiding, ideal for individuals and small groups!

Iceland Private Tours are a great way to experience Iceland, at your own pace. Have our experienced, knowledgeable guides all to yourself! Ideal for individuals and small groups, our private tours allow you to enjoy one of our carefully planned tours while leaving a rigid schedule behind. Our tours are carefully designed to make the most of your time and provide a great experience that you'll never forget - by making your tour private, you also set the pace the way you like it. Go fast or just dwell, it's your tour.

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In Iceland, private touring takes an already unique experience one step further. If you've never been here, Iceland's landscape, people and experiences are already going to be new and exciting - experiencing them with only your own group allows an additional degree of freedom to soak it all in. Do you want to spend a little more time at one of the Golden Circle tour stops? Ok! Want to talk about the history of Iceland settlers, or are you more interested in volcanoes? Glaciers? Ok. Our guides are all yours on a private tour.

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