Iceland Theme-Based Incentive Tours

How about a theme tour? A tour that gives you insight into Icelandic culture and cuisine, a tour that has reference to the movies, or one that lets you test your skills against real Vikings?  Whatever activity you choose, our professional team will put together a program adapted to your wishes. We have a wide variety of different themes you can choose from, or if you have an idea about a theme we will be happy to work it out for you.

With a Taste of Iceland tour you will get a taste of both nature and first class Icelandic cuisine. Enjoy a combination of spectacular sights, food and contact with the glacier ice. On the Myth and Mystery tour, we dive into the underworld of ghosts and other mystical beings in Iceland.

On the Visit to the Vikings tour, you’ll learn about the lives and craft of the ancient Vikings and test your aptitude in their sports and arts; or we can show you what the modern Vikings are doing with The Viking games, the new way. In Mission Bomb - James Bond style, the group has to complete a mission, with flair of course. After the mission is accomplished the Bond girls will hand out the James Bond award. And a visit to Reykjavík, City of Energy and Culture takes you on a guided tour in the vibrant city of Reykjavík with emphasis on culture, design and art.

Multi Day Programs

The perfect incentive involves a mixture of city culture and country surroundings, exciting activities and luxury experience after which you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

With a multi day program you can go further into the Icelandic interior for a day of activities and then spend the night in a mountain hut out in the wilderness, or even up on a glacier. Away from the crowded city streets or the stress of your office where you can, depending on the season, experience the midnight sun or enjoy the northern lights. You can also spend the night in the comfort and quiet of a country hotel if you prefer, even if your days are spent out in the wild!

Enjoy a stay at a high quality hotel in Reykjavik before and after your adventure and get to know the city’s restaurant culture and revitalize yourself in one of the many spas or thermal pools.


Why not take your active group out for a test of survival together with team building exercises?

Combine hiking with some activities, trials and tests in a daylong or multi-day program. How will they cope with finding their way around the wilderness? Can they work together to find solutions to problems that will help them gain ground? Who is the fastest? Who is the most resourceful? A survival program has your group find order and harmony out of challenging circumstances and tries their resourcefulness. In a multi-day program you can either spend a night in mountain huts, or camp out in tents in the back country, adding a little edge to the survival experience!

Inspired by action

Myth and Mystery

Learn about supernatural beliefs, culture, myths, strange mysterious landscapes and more.

As you explore Icelandic nature and it´s landscape you will start to learn about the country’s history. As you go along you will begin to believe in what most Icelanders already know; elves, trolls and other mythical beings really do exist.

Venture into a land of mystery where Icelandic folklore, mythology, tales and traditions will be revealed. Deep inside Iceland’s underworld, folk stories and fairytales about mystical beings, scary or funny, will have a different feel to them. In the landscape shaped by ice and geothermal activity, where the view of boiling hot springs and bubbling mud pools awaken your imagination, you will gain a different understanding of Icelandic mythology and tradition.

Inspired by culture

Taste of Iceland

Discover traditional Icelandic cuisine in natural settings. Dried fish, dark bread and smoked meat!

Traditionally Icelandic cuisine consists mostly of fish, lamb and dairy. Back in the days when food was scarce, Icelanders had to learn how to make use of all they could get their hands on. And they had to find ways to preserve their food stock throughout the long winter. Dried fish, cured meat, fermented shark, burnt sheep’s head, haggis conserved in sour milk and other Icelandic dishes came into existence from these methods.

This traditional food, Thorramatur along with the Icelandic Brennivín schnapps (once named Black Death), is still enjoyed by Icelanders at an annual midwinter fest called Thorrablot. This tradition is an important part of Icelandic cultural heritage.

Iceland Rovers will take you out in nature to sample some of Iceland’s best known traditional dishes and learn about age old traditions.

In spite of what you might have heard, it is not all pickled, smoked or salty. Really!

Icelandic herbs and traditions

Get insight into the wisdom of the past – What effects do the sorcerers remedies have?

Throughout the centuries, Icelanders have used herbs, flowers and roots to cure ailments and improve their emotional and physical health. Icelandic herbs are extremely powerful and today locals still believe in their effectiveness.

These herbs can not only be used as medicine, they will also add zest and flavor to your cooking.

Taste and learn about traditional healing herbs and plants such as angelica, wild thyme, seaweed and discover how they can boost your energy, vigor and immune system.

Lichen milk, herbal infusions and herbal schnapps will definitely bring out the Viking in you!

Visit the Vikings

Old meets new as we travel back in time to experience history – with a modern twist.

With a Visit to the Vikings you will step into the past to get a firsthand knowledge of the Viking way of life and the cultural heritage of Iceland. The Vikings were farmers and gatherers, and were well known for their skillful use of weapons both in battle and when playing games. They were also renowned for their accomplished hand crafts. On a Visit to Vikings you will get a chance to try out your own abilities, observe a master blacksmith at work, making weapons and utilities and learn about Viking beliefs from modern day, but a very vise, Viking.

Inspired by History