Team Building in Iceland

Iceland Rovers has been offering incentive travel, group tours and team building activities to companies and groups from all over the world, since 1997.  We specialize in pairing Iceland's bounty of outdoor activities with fun, adventurous team building exercises.

For your Iceland team building event, we design a program based on old Icelandic games, Viking traditions, or seasonal themes. We can also set up games of adventure, skill and survival.  Imagine your next team building event set to the back drop of black sand beaches, Iceland highlands or on a glacier.

Recent team building events we have offered include, caving, a race through the capital city of Reykjavik, a hiking race, and a test of skill and survival out in the, sometimes, extreme nature of Iceland.

Iceland Rovers invites you to let Iceland’s beautiful and fascinating nature serve as a backdrop for your team building exercise.

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Run a Race - In the City or Out in the Nature

Tie up your laces and settle into the starting blocks!

Experience the original Race in the City or take the opportunity to have a Race in the raw nature of Iceland. Running a race is the ultimate team building activity, and a definite way to build up group dynamics. Through a mixture of some physical activities and puzzles or quizzes, teams have to work out solutions to different problems. The setting is either in or around the city center or just outside the city limits if you are looking for a bit more adventurous team building project. Everything can happen at a fixed location or a 4x4 super jeep can pick up your group and only by solving an enigmatic message will they find the next post.

Dealing with suspension and uncertainties only ties you closer together!

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