Þórsmörk Glacier Valley - ILR12

A tour into Thorsmork is truly an experience of nature




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Adult: 46.900

Departures: On request with minimum of 4 pax

Duration: 9 - 11 hours

Pick up: Participants are picked up at their accommodation at 8:30

We provide: Driver/tour guide

You bring: Warm clothing, rain gear and good shoes

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    Thorsmork Glacier Valley is a natural oasis that lies just behind the now famous Eyjafjallajökull volcano. The recent eruptions have altered the appearance of the landscape but at the same time created a unique opportunity to witness how the elements of ice and fire constantly shape and reshape the surface of our planet. Only accessible by 4x4 vehicles, a tour into Thorsmork is truly an experience of nature.

    Tuff landscape, Elf Church and River Crossings

    Our destination is Þórsmörk, a natural paradise, named after the mighty pagan God Thor. To get into the land behind the glaciers we have to drive on a 4x4 track, over numerous un-bridged glacial rivers some of which can be quite deep and with strong currents. On our way we will pass right by the Eyjafjallajökull volcano that recently erupted, blowing ash high into the sky and over the closest area. Even if in some places ash has altered the appearance of the landscape, Þórsmörk is always a magical place to visit. It is a valley, full of geological wonders and unique vistas that Icelandic nature lovers have enjoyed for centuries. On the way back spectacular Seljalandsfoss waterfall awaits us cascading down from the cliffs´ edge in its unique way. This is a tour into a unique area recently touched by the powers of Mother Nature.

    Nature Reserve that boasts magnificence throughout.

    Note: Þórsmörk is sometimes written Porsmork or Thorsmork.

    Meeting Point : Participants are picked up at their accommodation at 8:30. Tel 899 9982

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