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Welcome to the official blog of Iceland Rovers, Iceland's trusted super jeep and adventure company.  Here you can learn more about Iceland's beautiful nature, culture and travel tips to help you make the most of your time in our magnificent country.


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Accommodation in Iceland

So, you’re coming to Iceland. Or you’re thinking about coming to Iceland. Where do you want to stay? Have you ever wondered what sort of accommodation you might find in the Land of Fire and Ice? Iceland...

East Iceland Nature and Highlights

When it comes to visiting Iceland, Iceland’s south coast seems to take the largest chunk of the pie: the West is next, and then the North perhaps.  What about East Iceland? It’s the furthest away from the...

Rover of the Month: Akash Does Essential Iceland

Welcome to our first Rover of the Month! Our “Rovers” are those who have decided to explore Iceland their own way, at their own pace. Akash Mehta joined us on our “Essential iceland” tour, where he even got...