Icelandic Mountain Guides Receive the 2010 SAF Entrepreneurship Awards

Today Icelandic Mountain Guides received the 2010 SAF (The Icelandic Travel Industry Association) entrepreneurship awards. There were 20 companies nominated and out of all of them, the award committee said that Icelandic Mountain Guides had shown a level of professionalism that should set the standard for others in the travel business in Iceland.

We are of course thrilled to receive this kind of recognition, and we are determined to make this help us to do even better in the future.

Picture: (from left) Arnar Már Ólafsson, Kristín B. Helgadóttir, Einar Torfi Finsson, Ingibjörg G. Guðjónsdóttir, Elín S. Sigurðardóttir og Leifur Örn Svavarsson.

The picture is taken in Harpa, the new Concert Hall and Conference Centre downtown in Reykjavík.